Welcome to my site

My name is Najib Mozahem and I am an Assistant Professor in university. In 2004, I graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Communication Engineering. I then continued my education at Manchester Business School were I finished my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with distinction. In 2011, I enrolled in the PhD program at Durham Business School where I studied Organizational Ecology. While doing my PhD, I noticed that I was spending a lot of time studying statistical techniques. I therefore enrolled in the Program in Analytics and Statistical Studies online at Statistics.com, which I finished in around two years. In the end of 2015, I completed the PhD program and was lucky enough to win the best thesis prize for PhD.

Since completing my PhD, I have been working as an Assistant Professor in Lebanon. Most of my courses are taught at the school of business, but I occasionally give business courses to engineering students as well. Given my engineering background, and the fact that I have a PhD from a business school, I find myself teaching both quantitative and qualitative courses. I was recently asked by the business school to design the course Quantitative Modeling for Decision Making. I currently give this course at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. I also teach the courses Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship. I tend to be more specialized in the former, since one of my interests is the study of how humans behave in organizations. As part of my preparation for the course, I have self-published a book on the topic. I was fortunate enough to have been awarded the teaching excellence award in 2017 by the university in recognition of my contribution to students’ learning.

Although teaching takes up most of my time, my real interest lies in doing research. One of the most interesting things that I do is analyze large data-sets in order to understand human behavior. Given that I work in higher education, I have put in a considerable amount of time in analyzing data from student records in order to better understand the underlying causes of some of their behavior, like career choices, performance, and even academic misconduct. I use Stata in order to analyze the data. In addition to analyzing data-sets collected from the real world, I also use computer simulations in order to generate computer output that mimics the behavior that we observe around us. I specifically use agent-based modeling which I design using NetLogo. My work has been published in journals such as Management Teaching Review, Journal of Academic Ethics, and International Journal of School and Educational Psychology. I try as much as possible to include undergraduate students in my research work. This is why a considerable percent of my published work is co-authored with undergraduate business students. In addition to publishing research work, I have also authored case studies for SAGE Research Methods. These case studies are used in both graduate and undergraduate courses in order to introduce students to some of the issues that they will find themselves dealing with when they start their own research.